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Good Governance is the Right of People

Democratic Governance are convictions and valuse held by the actors concerned, especially the political leaders.

At CCHD, we believe that there is nothing more important.

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Capacity Building

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Access to Justice

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18th Amendment

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No-formal basic education

Capacity Building and Interfaith Harmony Conferences in Multan
Improving Access to Justice and Rule of Law in 2 Districts of Punjab
Mainstreaming 18th Amendment through Media

give every child Access to Education Uniting - funding - Empowering

STRATEGIC partners

Committed to giving hope through democratic governance, and drawing strength from collaboration, CCHD, builds partnerships with organizations of all shapes and sizes, in order to pool resources and networks.

CCHD has had the honor of working with various renowned local and international organizations, and, UN agencies.

We welcome all new partners and individuals who share our vision and who wish to contribute in anyway in helping to build a democratic, and prosperous, Pakistan.


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