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CCHD Internship Programme for International and National Students

CCHD’s internship programme offers students to acquire knowledge through contributing in community development, protection of human rights and improving lives of victims of violence and children.


CCHD internship programme was started in January 2003 to help create a moderate and democratic Pakistan. Up till now, CCHD has enrolled over 500 national and international students in its internship programme. Through the internship programme, students learn to organize and prioritize their work in research, report writing and project development. They also learn leadership and communication skills during their internship. CCHD welcomes students from national and international universities and high schools.


Purpose of internship programme is to provide planned transition from university curriculum to personal and professional settings in students’ area of interest. Students will have the opportunity to continually interact with CCHD staff to accomplish professional growth and skills.


  1. To provide opportunity to undertake challenging and stimulating tasks which entail significant contribution towards improving the quality of life of target groups served by the organization;
  2. To facilitate practical learning experience to enter development sector professionally; and
  3. To encourage community engagement during student life.

Areas of Internship

  • Social Research
  • Digital Database
  • Project Designing and Evaluation
  • Networking and Linkages
  • Report Writing
  • Photography and Video Making
  • Documentation and Story Writing

(*applicants can only select up to two areas of internship)

Eligibility Criteria for CCHD Internship is simple.

To be eligible to enroll in CCHD’s internship programme, following prerequisites must be met:

  • Applicants who are in their Graduation or Post-Graduate programme are entertained as interns.
  • Applicants must have Permission Letter from authorized official of the university/collage/institute in which student is presently enrolled/registered to intern with CCHD.
  • Period of internship is of minimum of 4 weeks up to maximum of 8 weeks (mentioned condition can be removed in special circumstances);
  • Intern must abide by office timing of CCHD;
  • Attendance should be signed daily by the intern;
  • Intern should seek leave permission in case of more than two days absence;
  • Certificate of internship is given to those candidates who complete their internship period satisfactorily.
  • Intern is required to submit an internship report in the last week of internship period. The report shall also include learning achieved & recommendations;

The following general conditions also apply:

  • Interns are not paid in most circumstances. However, some financial compensation can be provided if agreed with CCHD team prior to internship agreement;
  • Cost of travel and arrangement, personal insurance and accommodation, as well as living expenses are responsibility of the intern;
  • CCHD accepts no responsibility for the costs arising from accident and/or illness incurred during internship;
  • Intern must keep confidential any sensitive information obtained during the course of internship programme;
  • While working at CCHD, interns are not considered as officials or staff members. However, interns are expected to fulfill their working obligations like other CCHD team members;
  • There is no expectancy of employment at the end of the internship. Intern may apply to CCHD vacancies but will be considered as external candidate;
  • In case of misconduct or in-disciplined behavior, CCHD can cancel the internship agreement.

A registered non-governmental organization committed to improve governance in Pakistan.

At CCHD, we focus at Rule of Law, Access to Justice, Human Rights, Violence Against Women, Peace and Tolerance, Democratic Education, Protection in case of natural disasters or emergencies.

CCHD has successfully closed down 40 Projects in the past,in 51 distritcsts of Pakistan.


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