Citizens’ Commission for Human Development with the support of Aurat Foundation and USAID has taken an initiative under Gender Equity Program of USAID for “Strengthening District Bar Associations and Setting up Facilitation Kiosks in Courts” to facilitate poor litigants especially women to get justice and to get information about available redressal mechanisms in the district. The project aims to equip the DBAs with the knowledge on;

  1. Gender concepts, sensitivity, legal approaches to equality.

  2. Pro women, family and minority laws including Qisas & Diyat.

  3. International legal instruments and obligations related to women’s rights.

  4. Strengthening and Gender Sensitization of District Bar Associations.

  5. Setting up of facilitation Kiosks in courts.

 During the reporting period the undertaking tasks completed;

  1. Project launching Ceremony and signing of MoU

  2. Need assessment and up gradation of District bar Associations

  3. Comparative Trend Analysis

  4. 02 Quarterly Meetings with District Bar Associations

  5. Formation of District Women Support Group

  6. Case Management

  7. Establishment of Resource Centre

  8. Participation in training of Trainers

  9. Participation in Refresher

  10. Establishment of facilitation Kiosks

  11. Recruitment of facilitation kiosks staff

  12. 05 Days training of facilitation kiosks staff

  13. 10 One day replication trainings of District Bar Associations

  14. Participation in Quarterly Coordination Meeting

  15. Preparation of Case Laws

  16. Awareness raising through IEC Material

    1. Customized Mugs ( Download )

    2. Second is Public Service Message that we on-aired on FM-103.( Download )

  17. Database Management

  18. Project Reports

    1. Comparative Trend Analysis Report-District Multan ( Download )

    2. Project Closing Report GEP Project ( Download )

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